A new way to collaborate with travel advisors

In 2024 Tern is launching a new way for travel companies to connect and collaborate with travel advisors. Join the wait list to be the first to know.
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Coming in 2024

Help us create the future of supplier & advisor collaboration.

We want to make it easier for travel companies of all shapes and sizes to collaborate with the Tern advisor community. As with all Tern features, we're starting by listening.

This might change based on your feedback, but here are some of our early ideas....

Collaborative Itineraries

Work collaboratively with travel advisors in the same board experience.

Dynamic Profiles

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Your team, discoverable

Make it easy for advisors to find the BDM based on their region or host agency.

Grow with advisors

Pre-qualify advisors for a FAM based on their sales data. Share trainings and events. Track long-term ROI on events, FAMs, and more.

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