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We're now welcoming Early Birds into the Tern platform. As an Early Bird you'll get early access to the Tern platform. You'll have direct access to the Tern team and play a critical role in helping us build something great.

If you're a current Tern user wanting to upgrade to an annual plan click here for instructions.

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To grow sustainable we're offering limited free trials. Learn how to get one using the button below.


A flexible way to add Tern to your business. Pay monthly and get access to all of Tern's features.

$35 / month


Buy an annual plan and save 20%. You'll lock in the best price and have immediate access to new features.  

$329 / year

Why we currently limit free trials

We believe in growing sustainably and in a way that enables us to remain responsive to our users.

We knew free trials would allow a whole new cohort of advisors to get into Tern and with it the volume of feedback would increase dramatically. We're excited to announce that for the first time, Tern is offering free trials, allowing prospective users to experience our platform's value firsthand with a referral code from an existing Tern advisor.

All Early Birds and Founding Flock members can now share a referral code found in their settings, offering newcomers 14 days free and a discount on their first month.

If you're looking for a referral code, we suggest asking in your communities. There are hundreds of Early Birds that can share a link with you.

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