Introducing Tern and Learn

🚨 Tern and Learn requires a separate account.
If you're a Tern user you'll still need to create a new account.
🚨 Course credits end on May 31st.
Tern and Learn will continue to be available just without the $5 credit per course.

Step 1: Create a Tern & Learn account in the Tern & Learn Community

Tern & Learn does not currently sync with the Tern application. That means you will need to create a new account to access the training. Make sure you sign up with the same email you register for in Tern.
Create Tern & Learn AccountLogin with your Tern & Learn Account

Step 2: Learn! 

Explore the courses tab. If you're new to Tern we recommend taking the courses in order! If you're looking for help on a specific topic you can jump to the course that best aligns with what you're hoping to learn.

Step 3: Get rewarded

For every Tern & Learn course you complete (watch all the lessons) you will get a $5 credit toward your next Tern invoice. Note: courses must be completed by May 31st, 2024 to get credit.
Credit card mockups