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Product Updates

Tern Product Updates - July 18th, 2024

Updates this week include trip collaboration - which allows you to work on trips together in Tern, more robust currency support, our pricing tab now maintains activity ordering, and more!
Molly Johnson
min read

July Webinar Recap: Exciting Updates for Agencies

Tern's latest features, including commission reconciliation, collaboration tools, and robust reporting, enhance efficiency and enjoyment for travel agency owners by streamlining financial management and data sharing. Upcoming launches like supplier payments and task collaboration promise to further boost productivity.
David Shull
min read
Product Updates

Tern Product Updates - July 10th, 2024

Updates this week include a major improvement for lodging check-in and check-out, plus a new way of submitting and reviewing product feedback in Tern!
Molly Johnson
min read

Meet your new assistant.

Tern Assist is your AI powered assistant carefully designed to save you hours of time on every trip.

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Everything you need for your travel business.

Robust travel CRM

Surprise and delight your clients by nailing the details. Tern's robust travel CRM is carefully designed to give you superpowers.

Dynamic itineraries

Drag and drop trip planning creates stunning and interactive itineraries. Quickly present clients with options and see their choices in-app.

Tern is mobile

Tern's mobile app let's your clients take their itineraries with them. Access to documents, confirmations, and more is just a tap away.

Magical authorization

Your clients can approve and authorize a trip with the ease of online checkout. All without any duplicate data entry for you.

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