Tern is the all-in-one system for the modern travel advisor

Tern is a modern software platform for travel advisors that helps you grow your business, wow your clients, and reclaim your time.

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why tern

Designed to help your travel business soar

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Reclaim your time

From a drag-and-drop trip planner to integrated artificial intelligence Tern is designed to help you reclaim your most valuable asset - your time.

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Wow your clients

Every pixel of Tern is designed to make things easy for your clients. From stunning forms to jaw-dropping itineraries, you'll be selling more travel in no time.

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Know your numbers

Track your commissions and get alerted of overdue payments. Know how much you're getting paid and when, without duplicate data entry.

Technology that is as magical as your trips

Tern was born from conversations with travel advisors like you. We heard the profound need for technology that was empowering and simple, sophisticated yet intuitive. Tern has been designed pixel by pixel to delight you and empower your business. 

With Tern, the magic of the trip starts the first time your clients open their proposal.

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Like hiring an assistant, but without the payroll

Tern uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to save you time. Tired of writing a custom description for every activity? Just give Tern a URL and the system will generate a custom description fit for a travel itinerary that you can use or customize. 

Automatically generate copy for itineraries
Parse images into itineraries from any website
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