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Introducing the next generation of travel technology for advisors & suppliers.

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Plan unforgettable trips, faster.

Tern features an intuitive drag and drop interface, shareable trip templates, and smart integrations. Designed from day one to be modern and easy to use, Tern makes planning trips a breeze.

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Say goodbye to static itineraries.

Tern automatically builds stunning and interactive itineraries as you plan a trip. Want to offer your clients a few options? Just drop the activities into a decision block and your clients can explore the options and make decisions directly on the proposal. Tern helps you reduce email back and forth too! Your clients can provide feedback on activities directly in the itinerary. Comments automatically integrate into your planning workflow.

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One system to increase productivity, wow your clients, and grow your business.

Our team has years of experience building end-to-end workflow systems that combine CRM, task management, sales, and marketing tools. Tern will launch with itineraries and tasks, but aims to be an end-to-end system that powers your entire travel business.

Features Coming Soon...

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Automated task management

Tern's smart task management platform will make you more efficient. Define tasks you want to complete based on trip stage. Or define a set of tasks you want to complete anytime you add a supplier or location to a trip.

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Free collaborator & supplier accounts

Working with a supplier, DMC, or tourism board to plan a trip? Invite them to collaborate with you in Tern! Basic supplier accounts are always free and include itinerary collaboration!

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Modern website & marketing tools

In today's world, static landing pages aren't enough. With Tern, you can quickly build stunning pages based on our trip templates. These pages are optimized for conversion - helping you grow your business.

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A financial system for your business

Tracking fees, keeping track of your commissions, and having a good grasp on your overall numbers are made easy with Tern! Tern automatically tracks these details as you build your trips and offers easy to understand reports.

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Tern is launching in spring 2023. We're offering early partner pricing for those that join the waitlist before March 2023. Sign up for our no commitment waitlist to be the first to learn more.

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About Tern

Tern Bird Flying

The future of personalized travel

The Arctic Tern has the largest migratory pattern of any animal in the world. These small birds migrate from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle - a round trip of over 18,000 miles. We couldn't think of a better inspiration for a company that aims to make the wonder of travel accessible.

We believe travel has a uniquely powerful ability to bring people together and change the way we see the world - something we believe the world needs more of right now. To quote Terry Pratchett in a Hat Full of Sky: "Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."

The challenge is that travel is hard. The pandemic has made it even more challenging. It can feel like you need a degree in logistics to plan more than a simple trip.

Travel is also deeply personal and human. Review sites and booking engines make the actual process of booking easy, but are case studies in the paradox of choice. Information overload results in countless hours of research and a lingering feeling of uncertainty: how similar to me are these reviewers? 

If you haven't worked with a 'travel agent', you might think of them as a relic of the past. It's true, that agents today are no longer a requirement to book a ticket like they once were. Instead, travel advisors (as they're now called) act more as a trusted advisor combining local knowledge and experience with their understanding of your values and priorities to craft the perfect trip.

Building for travel advisors

The technology that powers the modern travel advisor hasn't kept up with the tools available to consumers. Advisors are left juggling multiple antiquated and fragmented systems. Not only is this frustrating, but it comes at a real cost of business. Disconnected systems can result in lost commissions and a compromised traveler experience.

Tern exists to change this by building an integrated platform that connects the modern travel advisor to their travelers and suppliers.

The team to make it happen

The founding team at Tern has experience building large-scale technology platforms. Our founders were early employees at Handshake, a three-sided marketplace connecting career service centers, employers, and students. At Handshake our founders were instrumental in growing the company from an idea to a $3.5 billion valuation.

The team could not be more excited to combine their love of travel with their learnings from building Handshake to create something truly transformational for the travel industry.