Jaw dropping itineraries made easy.

Layout any kind of trip on Tern's drag and drop trip view. A stunning proposal is just a click away. Easily send it to the client for review and approval.  
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Interactive Itineraries

Give your clients choices, not more work.

Discover the perfect trip with multiple itineraries.

Trips in Tern support as many itineraries as you want. Clients deciding between a cruise or land trip? Send them both and let them choose right within Tern.

A choice of hotels (or anything else) is easy.

Sometimes you want to present a few options to your clients. Option blocks make that easy. Just add an option block to the board and Tern will handle the rest.

Clients make their choice right within Tern.

Your clients can indicate their  preference right within the app. Their choice shows up in your trip workflow. That's one less email in your inbox.

Authorize the right things automatically.

Tern automatically prompts clients to authorize the correct activities on the itinerary they selected. Giving your clients choice doesn't complicate your workflow.
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Drag, drop, done.

Sketch out a trip on the board view and send it to your client for review. Add more detail as you have it. Tern seamlessly adapts to your trip planning seamlessly. Layout trips by dragging and dropping elements to the board.

Layout the trip by dragging and dropping on the board.

Tern uses a drag and drop board interface. Drag flights, hotels, activities, information, and more directly to the board.  

Send a beautiful itinerary to your clients.

Tern automatically converts the trip board into a stunning itinerary that your clients will love to explore. They can access it via web or mobile.

Features that save you time...
and make you look awesome.

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Travel is global.
Tern is too.

Travel is global and so is pricing in Tern. Whether you want to set your default currency to CAD or just show your clients the price in Euros, Tern supports that.

Clients viewing Tern's pricing page see daily currency conversions so they can quickly understand the cost in their preferred currency.
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