Delight your clients by remembering every detail

Delivering those personal premium touches is what sets your business apart. Tern's CRM makes it easy to stay organized, remember the details, and grow your business. Oh, and your clients will love the sophisticated and premium feel Tern delivers.

Smart fields

From automatic parsing of US passports to smart loyalty fields, Tern saves you time, make you look great, and keeps your data clean. Talk about a win, win.

Connect the dots

Tern's CRM seamlessly integrates with trip planning, forms, and the rest of the Tern ecosystem. Connected? Yes. Rigid? Never.

Store Documents

Keep track of client vaccination records or any  other documents right from the client profile. Tern has dedicated document storage built in.

Powerful notes

Take notes in a way that works for you. Easily add videos, photos, bullet points and more right from the trip or contact page.

Forms that you'll be proud to share

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by the world's leading technology companies.
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Meticulously designed forms.

Forms in Tern were designed to delight your customers. Gone are the days of sterile forms. Tern helps you build your brand form the first time a client engages with you.

Say goodbye to data loss.

Tern autosaves as your clients complete the form. It's the only CRM to show partial responses. That means you can see where clients are dropping off and avoid frustrating clients by asking if they actually clicked submit.

Forms that have your back.

Use Tern's smart fields to automatically create and update your CRM records, create trips, and collect opt-in to your Terms and Conditions. Forms integrate with Tern's compliance features meaning you can rest easy knowing you have a record of your T&Cs safely stored on the contact record.

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Calendar wrangling made easy

Tern features an integrated scheduler. Just connect your calendar, tell Tern what types of meetings you'd like to offer your clients, and start scheduling. Best of all, the scheduler seamlessly integrates with forms, making it easy to collect custom information before scheduling a meeting.

Real time availability management

Clients using the scheduler will only see times you're free. As soon as they confirm a time you'll both get a calendar invite.

Customizable to your needs

Set what hours you're available by day, create different meeting types, and how you want to connect. It's your scheduler, make it work how you want it.
Tern supports all major calendaring systems
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

A place for all your client information

All your client data is stored in a comprehensive client profile. You can access structured fields, take notes, upload documents, define relationships, and so much more. All from the client's profile in Tern.
Launching in Early March

Supercharge your workflow with automation & AI

Join us on March 7th as Tern launches the next generation of workflow, automation, and messaging tools.

Your inbox, integrated

Tern's new messaging tool brings a modern and direct connect your inbox to Tern. Say goodbye to deliverability errors and clunky BCCing emails.

AI Data Entry

AI driven parsing and data entry takes email and updates Tern. Designed to save you time and reduce errors.  

Tasks Automated

Create custom task lists and apply them based on triggers. From remembering that birthday to finalizing a trip, Tern has your back.

Messaging Automated

Why write the same email over and over again? Templates in Tern will be designed to save you time without sacrificing authenticity.

AI assisted contact import

Dreading moving your existing contact database to a new system? Fear not! Tern has a powerful contact import tool built in. It uses AI to help you clean up your existing database while dramatically reducing the amount of manual cleanup work needed.  

With AI Import, you can import thousands of contacts in just a few minutes.
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