Switching to Tern, made easy.

We understand switching systems can be overwhelming. We're making it easy with our new implementation service.

For the introductory price of $399, our team will work with you to bring over data from your existing itinerary builder and CRM into Tern.  
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How does it work?

At Tern, we understand the challenges of switching systems. You have data stored in multiple places, and the value of moving to a system like Tern is to consolidate that data. The first hurdle is getting all that data into Tern. With this new service, we aim to reduce that barrier to entry.

We’re excited to scale our implementation package by having a Tern expert work with you to identify the data to be transferred. Then, our trained team will manually move the data for you. Over the past few months, we've tested this service with a small group and have seen encouraging results. We’re still calling this a beta program because we are learning and training our models on how to import unstructured data into Tern’s structure.

Since we're learning along the way, it may take a few months before all of your data is fully integrated into Tern. Given this unpredictability, we're offering a discounted price of $399.

What's included in the $399

Phase 1: Initial Data Consult Call

Our process starts with a consultative call to review your existing data. We'll discuss the systems you use, where your data is stored, and the sequencing of the import. We’ll also explain how your data will be restructured in Tern. This is a chance to set expectations and understand what will be imported into Tern and what won’t.

During this call, we'll outline your role in the process. While we handle most of the work, there will be tasks for you to ensure a smooth import. For instance, you might need to compile a list of library items, as not every item may need to be imported. This phase is also an excellent opportunity to clean up your data and start fresh in Tern, and we’ll provide advice on how to do that.

Phase 2: Data Migration from Previous Systems

Once we have a clear understanding of your data, our team will request access to your current systems to begin the migration. We’ll first import your data into a shadow account to ensure security and avoid disruptions. After a successful import, we’ll transfer the data to your Tern account.

Data We Import:

  • Contacts: We help you generate an Import ID and clean up your contact file if needed.
  • Templates: We copy over your activity and itinerary templates. Most templates will become activity templates in Tern.
  • Additional Considerations: We handle upcoming trips, automations, workflows, and can explore forms and email templates based on the original source.

At the end of this phase, our team will audit and QA the imported data to ensure it’s properly mapped and ready for use in Tern. If you’re an agency owner, we recommend importing templates into the agency owner’s account to make them shareable when our agency features launch.

Phase 3: Migration Review

After the data migration is complete, you’ll receive an email breakdown of what was imported. This is your chance to review the data and ask any questions.

Why do I have to pay the $399 now?

Due to high demand and a limited team, our goal is to handle as many requests as quickly as possible. To ensure we focus on those who are genuinely interested in our service, we charge a fee to join the waitlist. This approach helps us avoid wasting time and resources on non-serious inquiries.

What timeline can I expect to get my data imported in? 

Our implementation process follows a first-come, first-served approach. Each implementation can take a few weeks, sometimes longer, depending on scheduling and the amount of data to be transferred. Depending on your position on the waitlist, it may take up to three months for complete data import. While we aim to set realistic expectations, our goal is to complete the process much faster.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! If you joined the waitlist and haven't received implementation services yet, we're happy to refund the $399. Simply contact our implementation team at impl@tern.travel, let them know you'd like to be removed from the waitlist, and request a refund. However, once implementation services have started (after the initial call), no refund is offered.

I'm ready to join the waitlist.

Great! Just complete the form linked below. You'll be asked a few questions and prompted for payment. Once you've completed that someone from our team should be in touch shortly.

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