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The future is on final approach. Join us on March 21 at 4pm ET as Tern once again changes the way travel businesses think about their technology.

We'll unveil features that solve your biggest challenges...

At Tern we're laser focused on building features that solve your biggest challenges. We've spent months listening, learning, designing, and building these features. They're hand crafted to save you time, help protect your business, and wow your clients.

How can I wrangle my inbox? 

As a travel advisor you get hundreds of emails a day. We'll show you how Tern will help you cut through the noise and focus on what matters.

How do I spend less time doing data entry?

You probably didn't become a travel advisor because you love copy/pasting from emails into another system. Let's say goodbye to that part of the job.

How do I remember what I need to do?

There is a lot that goes into planning the perfect trip. Tern's task lists and smart automations will help make sure you never drop a ball.

How do I make sure my emails are delivered? 

Old school methods of sending emails from your account lead to deliverability issues and clunky forwarding workflows. Tern replaces that with a modern and direct connection to your inbox.

How do I import supplier information?

Sneak Peek
We're often asked if we integrate with ____ supplier. We'll show you an entirely new way to bring any travel content into Tern. From GDSs to tour operators this changes everything.  

How do I automate client communications?

Whether it's a pre-departure email or a check-in while your clients are traveling, those little notes can make a big difference. We'll show you how you can automate these communications.

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