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Tern Product Updates - July 3rd, 2024

Updates this week include some major upgrades to option blocks, ALL library items are now shareable in Tern, you can duplicate Workflows & email templates, and more!
Written by
Molly Johnson
Published on
July 3, 2024

Welcome back, Tern community! Excited to share all the latest updates from the past week 🙂

All Library Items are now shareable!

New items this week include email template sharing, task template sharing, automation template sharing, and Workflow sharing! You can share these with your communities in Tern, your agency, individual advisors, or the entire Tern community. Learn more.

Option block improvements

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has shared feedback around client option block selection! We know this was a big pain point in the system, and are so excited to announce the recent changes we’ve made - 

  • Advisors can ‘reset selection’ of options
  • It's clearer to clients how they submit their preferences
  • Instead of you having to manually resolve an option block, the following things now happen as soon as your client submits their selection:
    • Their itinerary updates automatically (itinerary & overview tabs)
    • They can authorize their selected option immediately
    • The trip pricing tab is immediately updated to reflect the selection

And don't worry - the option block is still preserved on your side, so you can see what selection your client made / preserve the other options you added. You can choose to resolve the option block from there, if you'd like! Learn more.

Additional improvements

We’ve also been hard at work on other improvements this week!

  • You can now duplicate workflows and email templates with one click. This feature is a huge time-saver, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.
  • We’ve added a booking date range filter to your agency reporting tab. Agency reporting is currently in beta, so if you want access, check the help center article for details on how to sign up.
  • You can now click the ‘task related with’ trip directly from your tasks, to more easily navigate to the associated trip.
  • We’ve improved the email syncing process. Notifications about email failures will now only be sent after multiple retry attempts, reducing confusion and ensuring you are only alerted when an email truly fails.
  • We've added more currencies to the system - Chinese Yuan (CNY), Czech Korona, Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • More bug fixing this week! Notably, we resolved an issue where the cursor would sometimes jump to the top of the screen while editing forms, tasks, or room selections. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing feedback! We’re thrilled to bring these updates to you and hope they make your experience with Tern even better. If you’re celebrating July 4th, have a wonderful long weekend!

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