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Tern Product Updates - June 19th, 2024

Updates this week include our first ever collaboration features - Tern communities & activity templates sharing - Disney Cruises available in Tern, updates to commission, and more!
Written by
Molly Johnson
Published on
June 19, 2024

Welcome back, Tern community! Excited to share all the latest updates from the past week 🙂

New Collaboration Tools

Activity Template Sharing

We've introduced activity template sharing, marking an exciting milestone for Tern. Now, you can share activities with specific people via email, with your agency/communities, or with the broader Tern community. You can also make your templates public to share them via a link! Advisors will still need a Tern account to fully access and use your templates.

Community Sharing

We've also rolled out a new way to create and share content within communities on Tern. You can set up your own subgroups, making it easy to share templates and content with select people. Whether you're a specialty content creator or just have a group of advisors you collaborate with, these new community features will let you easily share content with each other.

Upcoming Sharing Features

While activity template sharing is live, other library items like itinerary templates, forms, emails, tasks, and workflows will be available to share soon. Stay tuned for these updates in the next week or two!

Learn more about everything that we’ve released, and everything coming soon, here.

Agency Reporting Upgrades

Travel Start Date Field

We've added a travel start date field to help you project sales and commissions for specific months. 

Currency Support

The dashboard now supports multiple currencies. If your default currency isn’t U.S. dollars, all numbers will be automatically converted to your chosen currency.

Reporting is part of our open beta for Tern agencies. To learn more about our Agency roadmap and request beta access, click here.

Additional Improvements

  • We’re thrilled to announce that Disney Cruises are now available in our Cruise Library!
  • We cleared up some confusion about the Trip Cover Photo/Statement. We now make it quick and easy to edit itinerary cover photos & overview statements right from your overview tab.
  • You can now see and adjust your commission split per activity. This auto-populates from your business settings but can be tailored for each activity, providing a more accurate overview of your commissions. This also addressed a bug in our Agency Beta, where commission in your trip overview wasn't working correctly.
  • Trip table loading speed! We’re always working to improve the speed of our site. Recently, we've significantly enhanced the performance of the trips table, especially for advisors with hundreds of trips.

That's all for this week! Keep your feedback coming, and we'll see you next week with more updates.

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