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Tern Product Updates - May 28, 2024

Updates this week include our first ever Tern Agency feature, a new look and feel for trip planning - with updates rolling out soon to allow vertical planning, and more!
Written by
Molly Johnson
Published on
May 28, 2024

Welcome back, Tern community! Excited to share all the latest updates from the past week 🙂

Introducing Tern Agency

We are so excited to roll out our first agency feature - team management. Team management allows you to set up an Agency on Tern, purchase seats at a volume discount rate, and invite your team to join you. For an in-depth walk through, check out our help center article.

Please note that additional features - like commission reconciliation, reporting, and more, will be available over the coming weeks. The main reason to set up a Tern Agency account now is if you'd like to pay on behalf of your agents to use Tern and receive a discounted subscription rate.

Enhanced Trip Planning Board

We’ve made the trip planning board more mobile-friendly with several key updates:

  • A new look and feel with optimized styles and font sizes.
  • Independent scrolling for each board area for better navigation.

Coming soon

  • A highly requested vertical planning mode where days are stacked vertically. I did demo this and say it would be live in my video, but we have a few things to wrap up before you see it in Tern! It should be live by end of day today, or tomorrow at the latest.
  • The ability to quick-add activities for each day, to bypass drag-and-drop.
  • Moving the "Build Your Trip" panel to the right and auto-collapsing it on mobile for more space.

Additional Improvements

  • Displaying client suffixes (e.g., Jr., Sr.) to differentiate between clients with the same name.
  • In the activity library, you can now filter by activity type and search by supplier, making it easier to find templates.
  • Smoother option block selection in client itineraries for a more polished experience.

As always, we're grateful for your feedback and support. Keep those comments coming, and stay tuned for more awesome updates very soon!

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