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May Product Webinar: Agencies & AI

Tern unveils AI-powered tools and Tern for Agencies, streamlining travel planning and commission management. New features include email parsing, quick itinerary generation, enhanced workflows, and detailed reporting.
Written by
David Shull
Published on
May 14, 2024

AI Innovations and New Features for Travel Agencies

We kicked off the webinar by revisiting our core mission at Tern. We're dedicated to providing travel advisors with world-class technology that complements their expertise and human touch, creating unparalleled travel experiences for clients. Our belief is that by combining human connection with cutting-edge technology, we can shape the future of travel and bring more people back to using travel advisors.

Introducing Tern Assist: Saving Time and Boosting Efficiency

The star of the webinar was our new AI assist features, which are designed to streamline the travel planning process. We demonstrated how our AI tools can parse email confirmations and create detailed itineraries with minimal input. Attendees were particularly impressed with the email parsing capability, which allows users to automatically extract and input relevant details into the Tern system. This feature was met with excitement, as noted by attendees like Megan M, who said, "This is how I use AI already—this is amazing."

We also showcased the quick start feature, which can generate a complete itinerary from a PDF or even from copied text. This tool significantly reduces the time spent on data entry, allowing advisors to focus more on crafting unique travel experiences. The chat was buzzing with excitement, with comments like "This is wild! (In the best way)" from Carla and "Holy cow! What a timesaver!!!" from Ressie.

In all, we demoed: 

  • Using Tern Assist to create a full outline for a seven day French roadtrip.
  • Importing a PDF from a DMC to jumpstart credit card authorization.
  • Copying from a site like Project Expedition to build an activity

Other examples that we didn't demo, but that work well, include:

  • Create a Tern itinerary from GDS codes
  • Populate the details of an activity with a few notes (e.g. midsized rental car from SJO from Hertz).
  • Entering a URL and having Tern build an itinerary from the contents of that site

What we've shipped since our March 21st webinar

Our product team has been working tirelessly to bring you new features that enhance your workflow and improve client interactions. Here’s a snapshot of what’s new:

Priority inbox makes email manageable. Styling makes them pop.

  1. We've introduced a priority inbox to help you triage emails and focus on what matters most. Archive emails to reduce clutter and highlight important communications.
  2. Email signatures now support both simple and HTML formats, allowing for professional and personalized client communication.
  3. Add images, text highlighting, colors, and attachments to your emails, making them more engaging.
  4. Email open and click tracking ensures you know when clients have seen and interacted with your messages.

Automations and Workflows have gotten smarter

  1. Set up automations targeting the primary contact for each trip, ensuring critical updates and reminders reach the right person.
  2. New workflow trigger types include payment due dates and trip status changes, allowing you to automate reminders and updates seamlessly.
  3. Templates and automation updates can now be published with just a few clicks, streamlining your process and reducing manual updates.

PDFs, pricing, and other top requested features

  1. The ability to merge duplicate contacts ensures your client data is clean and accurate.
  2. The new traveler pricing page gives clients a clear view of their trip costs, payments made, and outstanding balances, including partial payments and installments.
  3. Itinerary PDF download feature allows you to create beautiful, print-ready itineraries for your clients.

Preview: Tern for Agencies'

We won't stop until we've eliminated duplicate data entry for advisors and agencies. We're tremendously proud of the impact Tern has already had in making advisors more efficient. Still, there is more to do! As we looked at the flow that advisors go through every time they plan a trip we realized there was a gap between what happens in Tern today and them getting paid.

After speaking with over 150 agencies we realized that, for most advisors, that gap was a manual process of submitting sales reports. This led to a lot of manual work. Worse yet, it meant that advisors often went unpaid for their work as commissions "weren't worth the hassle of submitting the paperwork".

Our key insight was that the same information advisors are entering into their itineraries is what is needed to drive commission reconsolitation. If we built a layer above the advisor workflow tool, we could enable  commission tracking without requiring advisors to do any additional reporting.

Tern for Agencies is launching this summer! Join the waitlist today.

We're thrilled to announce Tern for agencies. This new product will enable agencies to manage commissions, get discounted team rates, share content across their agency, and so much more. Interested agencies can join the wait list here.

Coming soon: a refreshed board view

The board based planning experience is at the core of Tern's advisor experience. With this new coat of paint it will be easier to use on small screens and have A LOT LESS scrolling! 

Oh, and we're adding a vertical view to the board... Easily one of the most requested features! 

Join the Tern Revolution

If you haven’t joined us yet, now is the perfect time. With features like the priority inbox, automation enhancements, AI-powered tools, and upcoming agency products, Tern is poised to transform your travel business. Sign up for our webinars, participate in our community, and experience firsthand how Tern can make your job easier and your clients’ experiences unforgettable.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep soaring with Tern!

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