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Changing an Industry: Tern's Groundbreaking Winter Product Release

As a technologist, it's pretty rare that you get to release features that you truly believe will change the way an industry operates. Today, felt like one of those rare opportunities. Today, we took the wraps off our new suite of tools to help advisors protect their business while saving countless hours of their time.
Written by
David Shull
Published on
January 26, 2024
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We spent a LOT of time working with industry experts to build solutions that make it easy for travel advisors to protect their business. We've built these tools around industry best practices but it's worth noting that nothing here is meant to be legal advice and you should always work with a lawyer who understands your business to ensure compliance.

With that out of the way, let's dig into all the new updates! 

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Seamless Integration of Terms & Conditions

Gone are the days of tedious manual work for Terms and Conditions management. Tern now offers a drag-and-drop feature for seamless uploading and form integration of your T&Cs. This tool not only protects your business but ensures enforceable collection with a reliable paper trail.

Just upload your Terms and Conditions once and you'll be able to drag and drop opt-in into your forms. Tern automatically includes them in the credit card authorization flow.

Tern allows you to add your Terms and Conditions, track versioning, and opt-in directly from the Tern system.

Transforming Credit Card Authorization

Ahead of releasing our credit card authorization tools we spent countless hours listening to travel advisors and travel industry attorneys! We heard there was a lot of room for improvement.

Handling credit cards comes with legal requirements as well as credit card company policies to navigate.
Managing all the requirements with a manual invoicing process is painful for everyone involved.

Introducing authorization that feels as easy as online checkout

 Now, all the details you input while crafting a proposal are automatically structured for compliant authorization, including dedicated fields for the booking supplier, their terms, cancellation policies, and payment due dates.

Tern provides guidance on what fields are needed to get each activity authorization ready. In addition to seamless authorizations Tern's credit card authorization flow has a BUNCH of features that advisors told us were important including: 

  • Clear distinction between credit card holds (e.g. for hotels) and actual authorizations.
  • Support for multiple currencies with daily conversion rates shown to clients.
  • Automatic creation of an authorization PDF sent to the advisor and client automatically.
  • The ability to authorize deposits and full payments independently (partial payments coming soon).
  • The ability for clients to upload and save multiple cards.

This automated approach turns a client's trip authorization into a smooth, online checkout experience. Your client can make a decision on an itinerary and approve the authorization in one seamless flow.

Now, authorizing payment feels as easy as checking out online.

Tern's First-Ever Mobile App

Everything released today was built since our last product webinar in November of 2023. Our team wasn't satisfied building four massive features in under two months so we decided to add one more - a mobile app.

Tern's first mobile app is now available on iOS and Android. This marks the beginning of a series of innovations aimed at offering a unique mobile experience. Now, your travelers can carry their itineraries wherever they go, adding a new level of convenience and accessibility to your services.

We have a big vision for the Tern mobile app and will continue to add features to it in the coming weeks and months.

Introducing a Tailored Travel Insurance Tool

Responding to one of the most requested features from our community, Tern has introduced a travel insurance tool that allows for careful quoting and presenting of insurance options to clients. It elegantly navigates the compliance aspects and provides a trackable system for both acceptance and declination of insurance offers.

We dug in with travel industry attorneys to create a beautiful client experience while balancing the restrictions some states have on being seen as selling travel insurance.

Clients can make a decision on travel insurance while authorizing their trip in one seamless flow.

Streamlined Collection of Professional Service Fees

Collecting professional service fees is now a breeze with Tern. With a simple click, you can add service fees to an invoice and track client payments seamlessly. For those using Stripe, integration with Tern is swift and effortless, keeping your transactions in perfect sync.

AI-Assisted Import of Contacts

Transferring your contact database to Tern? Our AI-assisted import feature makes it a cinch. Whether from another CRM or an Excel sheet, Tern guides you through a hassle-free process, ensuring your full list of contacts is integrated smoothly.

Tern & Learn 2.0: Training Restructured

Education is key, and with Tern's new training portal, you're poised for success. This revamped version offers detailed, structured content, including insights from power users. Plus, there's an incentive to learn – earn a $5 credit for every completed course, potentially covering a full month of Tern for free!

Looking Ahead: AI, Automation, and the Modern Travel Advisor

As we wrap up, let's look forward to our next webinar on March 7th, where we'll explore AI, automation, and how Tern continues to supercharge the modern travel advisor.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let's embark on this exciting journey together with Tern, revolutionizing travel advising one innovative feature at a time!

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