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Introducing Tern's Library Feature + CRM Improvements

Designed to save you time the library feature lets you quickly save individual activities and entire itineraries that you want to reuse in the future. They seamlessly integrate with Tern's board based planning experience.
Written by
David Shull
Published on
November 28, 2023

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Tern's New Library Feature

Designed to save you time the library feature lets you quickly save individual activities and entire itineraries that you want to reuse in the future.

  • Location: Look for the new Library tab on the left.
  • Library Content: includes two main components:
  • Itineraries: These are made up of many activities. This could be anything from your favorite "Day in Rome" activities or an entire multi-week European trip you want to be able to reuse.
  • Activities: These are individual items you can add to your board. They follow the same structure as board elements (lodging, activities, transfers, etc).

Managing Itineraries in your Library

  • When you open an itinerary you'll see some new fields as well as some familiar ones:
  • Trip cover photo: these will automatically be applied to trips you add the itinerary to.
  • Overview statement: This will pre-populate the overview statement on trips that the library itinerary is applied to.
  • New fields such as primary supplier, primary supplier, Budget range per person.  etc. These are used to help organize the library elements. In the future these will be searchable.

Note: Soon, you'll be able to share itineraries with the Tern community. Currently, all library items are private to you! Nothing will be shared without your explicit permission.

Planning tab: Itineraries have a board view, similar to the regular trip planning experience. A purple bar on top indicates you are on a template. You can layout the template in the same way you would a trip.

Managing Activities in your Library

Activities work much the same way as templates but only apply to a single element. These are great if you want to save a favorite restaurant, transfer provider, hotel, etc.

How to Use the Library

Adding items to the library is as easy as dragging and dropping them into the board. On your planning view you'll see a new library items section. From there you can drag over the library item to the day you want the activity to appear or the day you want the itinerary to start on.

Tern will pop up a window where you can select the content you want to use. See the GIF below for an example of adding an itinerary template to a trip.

Note: Library items and the created trip are independent. Changing the trip doesn’t affect the template in the library. That means you have full flexibility to customize the content after you've applied the library item.

Populating Your Library: You don’t need to create everything from scratch! If you've planned trips in Tern, you'll find a "Save as template" option for each activity. Using this, you can easily populate your library with past content.

You'll find "Save as Template" on each activity on a board. On trips you'll see a similar option by your avatar in the top right of your screen. Clicking on the three dots will give you the option to save the board to your library.

Quality of Life Improvements

We've also been focused on making Tern faster and easier to use! A lot of this week's updates focus on the Trips & CRM experiences in Tern.

Copy Location Button

Telling Tern that a client was spending 7 days in the same location used to be a major pain. Now when you add a location you'll see a button to copy that location to the next day dramatically speeding up the process of defining locations at the day level.

New fields on create traveler form

One of the top requests was to have a way to add more information on a traveler. We've expanded the fields and updated the form!

  • Birthday Feature: If the contact has a birthday, hovering over it will show their calculated age.
  • New Fields: New fields like prefix, full middle name, and suffix now appear on the form and on the contact record.

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